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Πέμπτη, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2019

Romance in Sandefjord

Άγγελος Αδάμ

Are you the one?

I wore wings and identified myself with the name they offered me...
I struggled with my firm beliefs which I absorbed by the "system"
and after falling down dead, I continued to hope and suddenly...
Yeah so suddenly resurrected too
knowing that there is an ego playing his game...
I have to admit it,
I owe it to all of our roles...
I have no idea why I was offered all this revelation!

I..., tired..., get into a last wish game.
At first with personal desires and classical human greed and after...
Wishing for this collective dream of "illusion"?
How else could I call this, full of miracles and synchronicities, experiencing?

I was surrendered, I raised the white flag
and I remain Here Now full of... love, gratitude, joy and compassion...
I'm looking for the true face of love my beloved...
That's all I want and wish for and I am doing my best for this revelation.

I’ve managed nothing yet
but I keep going on that journey and now I really enjoying it.

A male angel, a Greek god, a kind, humble bastard and a martyr,
a world preacher looking for his beloved was born in me
and asks you...

Are you the one?


Passing clouds

«Sadness is like a passing cloud...
Feel its cool raindrops if it happens to touch you...
is a blessing from the “highest fields”
right there in the sky

A passing cloud is the joy also,
that unleashes the sun to shine on you my soul...
You see my dear, the whole existence is by your side!!»

It said to me and tears filled my god’s face...


Beautiful life

You are a blooming flower planted in my heart since the beginning of this holy cosmos....

I am the bee that landed in the heart of your soul...

And by us god continues to spread love joy and compassion to its whole creation.

Oh Jasmine what a beautiful life we are living my beloved!!


A few more verses for Jasmine

"When I look into your eyes
I feel the arrow of loving God piercing my heart...
And so sweet is that ache my Jasmine
that fills my soul with crystal clear white rose petals!!"

This is what I wrote to you this morning
flooding the blue sky of my eyes with tears of joy...


Copyright © Άγγελος Αδάμ All rights reserved
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